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Welcome to the Goon Squad Quote Database!

Anyone can submit quotes of guild chat, whispers, raid chat, people being dumb in trade channel, or anything that pertains to World of Warcraft on Mal'Ganis. Once submitted, quotes are added to a moderation queue to prevent spam and filter out stupid or irrelevant quotes, so be patient and your quotes will appear shortly. In order to copy and paste chat in World of Warcraft, you need Chatter, Prat, or other chat addons.

Goon Quotes features a basic RSS feed for visualizers, screensavers, readers, customized Google home pages, etc. Quotes can be rated up or down by clicking the + or - next to each quote. Low rated quotes are purged and top rated quotes appear here.


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[BG] [Existed-Norgannon:80]: my mom doesnt ahve thumbs so she cant hold dildos

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